What is Prayer Resolution?

The Christian world widely uses the term “prayer counseling.” On the Internet there are thousands of sites offering “prayer counseling” but the term means different things to different people.

For some, it means opening a session in prayer and then talking about an issue before closing the time in prayer. For others, it means bringing up an issue and then the Christian counselor, pastor or priest prays for the person. Some sessions are intended for the Christian to share his or her feelings with the counselor or with a group. Some sessions try to get the believer to feel his or her emotions and ‘let them out.’ For others, it means ‘claiming victory’ over an issue through Jesus. Some are cognitive based; others (faith) believing based; still others are interventions by one or more Christians. Some focus heavily on the work of the Holy Spirit, others on Jesus. Some quote scripture at people’s problems without lifting a finger to help them bear their burden.

Is Prayer Resolution a form of prayer counseling?

Short answer: No.

Prayer Resolution may look similar to counseling in the traditional sense — one individual being helped by talking with and being advised by others. However, none of our Safe Others are licensed counselors, so this is not counseling, nor should it considered as such.

Prayer Resolution incorporates the act of prayer from beginning to end, not just as ‘bookends’ in a session, as if to sanctify what comes between. In Prayer Resolution we invite the Spirit of God’s participation so that forgiveness is extended and received and the consequences of sin broken, as a force, in the believer’s life.

The Safe Others act more a guides or priests (in the biblical, not modern, sense). They help the Hurting Ones approach their heavenly Father accord to His standard. They assist the Hurting One in understanding and presenting these wounds to our Father. It is God’s response to our prayers, not our understanding or our discussion that brings the power for change.

What make Prayer Resolution Unique?

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